Print Design

Print Design

Suzan Becking

Koffie van LiveBuild

LiveBuild is an NGO in Utrecht tries to stimulate social and economic development in Cameroon. By setting up water and school projects in Cooperation with local communities. LB sees the potential for a thriving coffee sector in Cameroon, which can further improve local living conditions. Together with farmers, roasters and barista's they work towards a fairer practice of entrepreneurial practices in the coffee industry.

The design of the brand identity attempts to embrace the natural product alongside the personal attention and care that runs through the entire supply chain.

The logo has the look and feel of old-fashioned wax seals to emphasize the fair-trade quality of the product. The visualisation of the coffee plant, flower, berry and bean have been inspired by nostalgic botanical prints.The colors are based on the Cameroonian flag. All these elements and references come together in a holistic identity for the Cameroonian coffee of LiveBulid.

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