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Rebranding Palau

Studio Bea was appointed to develop a restyle and strategy of the brand identity. An important point was to remain recognizable for the architects and partners that had been a part of Palau’s network for the past 25 years. Some key-words have been: accessible, recognisable, distinctive, flexible, diverse, clear and sophisticated.

Palau has an ongoing drive to offer innovative solutions worldwide. And ‘quality with an eye for detail’ is their unofficial motto. The brands furniture is focused on a timeless design with a long lifespan, using ecologically responsible materials and production methods. In this way they develop modular and multifunctional furniture concepts to foster health and wellbeing, encourage collaboration, and enhance efficiency in the workplace.

The identity was created as much as possible as a natural evolution from their original brand identity, but with more presence and confidence. By using a set of colour surfaces behind the furniture, the illusion of depth is created, making it almost as if they were placed in an abstract space. In this way the designs and their details are accentuated to give them the attention they deserve.

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