Elements – 05 Small Textile Wall-Piece

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Three things come together in the 'Elements' project: the magical nature of textiles, crafts and our environment. As a designer I enjoy the city life, but I often crave for adventures in the great outdoors to refresh my mind. The moments I spent there I added in an abstract way back into the everyday. I designed a series of wall pieces as an interdisciplinary research in which I explore the boundaries between art and design.

For the designs I got inspired by the so-called 'cairn men' that I encounter during hikes in mountain areas. These ancient structures are beacons in the landscape, made of natural materials and mark a pinnacle, a sacred place or just to navigate you on the way. To me, these stacked stones are like small sculptures – artificial – in their natural environment.

Printed & sewed by hand with water based inks on 100% organic cotton.

  • 25 x 43 cm
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Edition of 8
  • 220 gr/m
  • Hand  sewn
  • Printed with eco inks
  • Metal rod for easy wall mounting included